Damaged goods

Vietnam vet-medic
putting the fallen in body bags
coming home, finally.
drinking beer all nite
sleeping all day.

Street smart jersey girl
hippie, flower child
smoking joints, demonstrating,
droppin out 

The lost generation
two disparate souls
looking for love, finding each other
lost,broken, mismatched pair.

post traumatic stress hero
meets depression in full bloom.
marry, have a son
live parallel lives.

twenty years gone
hard to imagine,
how to dismantle a marraige
and go on.

Greyhound Bus

I write poems for my father

but it was my mother I failed

I took care of him..

She died worrying about me

Taking the bus from Vt. to NY

with my new cute boyfriend

My father not happy about it

"This is a family matter, private

you don't bring strangers."

The boyfriend went on his way

I went in to see Mom

what was left of Mom

in fetal position, gasping for breath

I dont' think she knew I was there

We drove back to New Jersey in silence

had dinner at the small place on broadway

slipping into the booth

the light illuminated our pain

could the waitress see it as she took our order?

Back home, we retreated to our rooms

to wait for sleeps sweet escape...

the phone rang at midnight

she was gone


When the Power of Love

Overcomes the Love of Power
the World Will Know Peace

Jimi Hendrix


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