Ain't gonna work on Maggie's Blog no more

How blog obsessed am I really? I promised myself last night when the clock was ticking towards midnight, and I was still reading posts and comments, that I wasn't going to blog this morning, and here I am even before coffee. I decided to conduct a test of how many times I do come back to this darn computer during the course of my supposed getting things done. It is now 10:25 (an unusually late start for me, but I am sleep deprived and it's my day off.) I've gotten dressed - pulled on some jeans and still wearing sleep t-shirt. I remember I wanted to send off a quick email to friend. Finally to the coffee which I need badly if I'm ever going to get going here. I'm feeling like one of those little kids, in the backseat of a car,whose parents challenge them not to talk for 5 min.

A friend called and I talked on the phone while I drank my coffee. Then I found an excuse to go back online - I discovered a credit card payment due by 1:00 PM today or lots of fees, 0% rate and goes up to g-d knows what; very good excuse to go back on but the computer's running extremely slow and I have to sign up for this online payment - managed to beat the clock and got it done with 20 min. to spare. Checked email, fired off one and now it's time for those damn bathrooms - I'm going in, it's 1:40.

I lied I still haven't done them. Found another overdue bill, so I went back on under the pretext of paying the bill, which I did, but of course I cruised a few blogs/comments. Well I am making myself a promise(year right, I know another one from the world class promise breaker) I will not get back on here until I'm done cleaning. Note- someday I am going to have a cleaning lady, then what will I procrastinate about. Well there is always the paperwork. And I wonder why it never looks like anything got done at the end of the day.


Watching the Dylan special was great except for seeing how old he looks. I liked the clips of him when he was young better. The thing I really liked was what Liam Clancy said to him one nite in a bar after about 100 pints of Guiness. "Never forget Bob, no fear, no envy, no meaness."

word lover

I'm a lover of words, is there a word for that? but then I am a lover of music too and art and photography and film. Words like music are fascinating because of the endless possibilities. I don't dabble in art so I don't know about that and in photography I guess there are the endless opportunities,finding the light just right, framing your subject just right and of course taking that picture that tells a thousand words. So there are book lovers, music lovers, art lovers,film lovers, poetry lovers(tho there seems to be more poetry haters from what i read in the blogosphere), blog lovers (from what i hear) and just plain lovers of words.

Deep purple

Discovered the other nite that my 11 yr. old son and i have another song in common, smoke on water by Deep purple. If you don't know it, you would if i hummed a few bars. It's scary that we have the same taste in music. From rap to reggae and back to the oldies. Today he asked me if he could borrow my Police CD. But then I do remember watchin, what the heck was that show with the bubble machine? Lawrence Welk with my mother, remember the polkas. Ok i realize I just made myself ancient history. But then I did see the Beatles on Ed Sullivan. I saw Bruce Springsteen in a small theatre right after his 1st album, Greetings from Asbury Park. And I saw Bonnie Raitt in a small club in NYC before her first album came out, she opened for John Lee Hooker. Boom Boom Boom Boom. Oh yeah and I saw The Who and BB King at the Filmore East. I would've loved to see the Stones this summer if tickets weren't the price of a car payment.

blogging is better than sex

Ok I will admit it,this is another one of my ploys to attract readers. And we all know that the title is not true. I remember once a waitress that i worked with saying, "Lobster is better than always know it's gonna be good." and then i bet there are tons of chocoholics who would testify to chocolate being better than....but blogging? well but...there's always someone to blog with, you don't ever have to fake blogging and if it's not a good blog well there's always another.
sounds like a good blog joke to me.

keep on bloggin

To the tune of Truckin by the Grateful Dead
like the doodah man
i keep bloggin
got keep bloggin along
well i'm back by popular demand. Joke. Ok i gotta admit, when i am ready to quit is when no one has been by to check in, check me out, whatever. But give me a couple of visitors and I'm ready for round 4. Except when i come across a really exceptional blog: you know the ones with thousands of hits,loads of comments and brillant words, then i am ready to do the ostrich thing again. Well lets just call this baby bloggin, ya know, baby steps, just one step, one word at a time.
got a keep bloggin along.

Giving up blogging

Giving up blogging til i get the weeding done, the checkbook balanced, the bills paid/paperwork done,the school and activities schedules figured out, the bathrooms cleaned, and everything else i've forgotten or avoided. This was a saved draft of reasons to stop; but now i have a new one to add. Unless i am writing this for myself, no one reads this drivel except a couple of old friends and a couple of cyber friends and then those occasional search engine people looking for bedroom eyes.

Blogging is just the newest and greatest form of time wasting for me because you can say you need it for your underfed creative soul or to work on your chops and to hell with the dirty bathrooms.

Poison Ivy

Remember that song? guess I'm dating myself now. It was kinda catchy (sorry I really didn't mean that as a pun). My poison ivy is not going away;looks like 3rd degree burns with those blister bubbles. Started steroids 3 days ago and it still looks like the poison ivy is winning. I was told the steroids can make you loopy, and i said,"what loopier?". Then i started worrying about my state of mind which already is not good these days; i didn't know if loopy would be a good to add to the mix. But i think steroids just act like caffeine . It's time for me to get a dose of both. Just wondering if anyone out there ever burst the blister/bubbles before I try it.


If books arent' selling as I have heard, how come there is always a line at Borders. What about the price of books? Maybe that has something to do with it. Who can afford them at these prices. I was so excited when i found an old fashioned small version of the Shreve book that i wanted to read on vacation - The Last time they met. Working people books . Sure those bigger versions are nice,but I don't want to marry the book I just want to read it, and i'd rather get two books.

Bedroom Eyes II

I just figured out how to work site meter. I'm wondering if anybody else does this? click on all the visit info on the people that have visited your site. Its interesting to see where they're from and how they found you. The most popular way thus far of locating my blog it seems is from a search engine of bedroom eyes, which brings up the blog post(May19th) of a poem I wrote many years ago. I'm sure they are disappointed when they find it; i can only imagine what they were looking or hoping for. Interesting marketing tool tho; if i were trying to attract a larger readership I could just make sure all the titles either had a body part or something erotic in the title. Hmmm... well not to disappoint I included this picture - the best I could come up with.

Still thinking

what to write about now?

Well, with the hurricane and the hurricane victims and the stories of the hurricane and the victims and the controversay over whose fault it is and how did something like this even happen in the richest country of the world it's hard to think or write about anything else. Then there are the problems right in your own backyard that are too devastating themselves to talk about. I guess i'll be back when i can figure it all out and put one word in front of another.

some good news finally

For some great news: go to ...
yes, hope prevails.

crying shame

Well it seems our illustrious President(synonymous with jackass) has proven his total ineffectiveness/uselessness once again. where was he and what was he doing during the first 48 hrs. of this disaster. On vacation I think i heard. well he should've gotten his ass back to his House for an emergency meeting. The response seemed so slow, so inadequate. Pictures are frighteningly eerie of a 3rd world country - but I guess it is just like one now .
It's amazing how quick he was able to bomb Iraq and muster all that strength. Too bad he couldn't amass those forces for good to save people's lives.