Jessica's "Daily Affirmation"

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by Milan Kundera:

"When Goethe was working on Wilhelm Meister, he allowed his secretary Riemer to read proof for him and strike out a superfluous word or touch up a phrase here or there, thought he would never had entrusted his poetry to him. In Goethe's time prose could not make the aesthetic claims or poetry: perhaps not until the work of Flaubert did prose lose the stigma of aesthetic inferiority. Ever since Madame Bovary,the art of the novel has been considered equal to the art of poetry, and the novelist (any novelist worthy of the name) endows every word of his prose with the uniqueness of the word in a poem.

Marine Biologist

Last patient of the morning
He was late
Grudingly I called him in
I wanted to go to lunch
Glancing at his new patient information
I zeroed in on Occupation- Marine Biologist
By the look on his face
I knew that we must be in trouble
"Awful bout the oil spill", I said
"Horrible", he replied
Shaking his head, looking down

He gave his awful prognosis
"It will affect the whole East Coast
The oil will raise the water temperature
Hurricanes will be stronger as a result"
I turned off the lights and proceeded to check his vision
hoping beyond hope that the vision
he had just painted was wrong
Finishing up the exam
saddened and sickened by his news
I went off guiltily to eat my lunch
provided by one of the big drug companies

As the oil continues to gush
and images of those oil slicked pelicans
flicker on the TV screen
it seems just too unimaginable, too unreal
and as the days tick by with no solution
It appears that all we can do is pray
pray to a G-d who may not be able to listen