I love, love, love Sex in the City


Boy, I wish that was the way it sounds. My boy was in hysterics tonite, when he walked into my room and I was lying face down on my bed with Jackson, my dog, at my feet and my hand clutching a soda can attempting to do my damn physical therapy exercies. Well, his laughter was infectious or i saw the ridiculousness/ludicresness of the scene and we both couldn't stop laughing til i banned him from my room-"Go to bed",and when that didn't work, "Just go, get out". We said I love you and bid good nite. Some lucky girl is going to get my boy someday and it will break my heart. It's ironic, but just a few hours earlier when i sat here typing my little heart away, I had confessed to him that my dream job , what I thought would be my best shot at writing would've been editorials, or maybe editor/agent or perhaps just a poet. So that is why i love sex in the city and all the characters but of course, i love Carrie best.

What's your favorite show/character??

(Draft from 9/2/07)


Noelle said...

I liked Carrie, sort of. But there was no one character that was better than another for me. Miranda was the smartest, and for that I always liked her. But then they would all go and do dumb things and I would get so angry. So I'm just going to stick to wanting to be me. Or Willow from Buffy.

Liquid said...

That is a precious insight as to what a wonderful relationship you have with your little man!
You go girl!
We owe it to our children to teach them humor and love.



The Golden Girls....
and I just love Blanche!


rdl said...

noelle: I like them All as well but Carrie, just has a special place, prob. bec. of her curly hair and writing.
liquid: my other favs are Everybody loves Raymond, Seinfeld, Cheers and my all time favs - Mary Tyler Moore and The Honeymooners.