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(got this in my email today! i never even got around to post the bad news about this poor woman and Walmart) One for the little guys!! Yeah!!

After years of hounding Debbie Shank and her family, Wal-Mart says it will finally do the right thing.
Today, Wal-Mart agreed to allow the Shank family to keep the money they won from the trucking company responsible for Debbie's injuries.
Finally, the Shank family can put their fight with Wal-Mart behind them and focus on taking care of Debbie.
This was all possible thanks to the tremendous support from people like you.
Jim Shank released the following statement today thanking you and the rest of Debbie's supporters:
"I am grateful that Wal-Mart has seen their error and decided to rectify it. I just wish it hadn't taken them so long, this never should have happened. I sincerely hope no other family ever has to go through this.
"My thanks go first and foremost to my lord and savior Jesus Christ for the strength to bear up under all this. Thanks also to the citizens of the United States - it wasn't me who made this happen, it was the outcry of the people, and if there's a lesson in this story it's that 'we the people' still means something."
You showed Wal-Mart that we will not sit back while the retail giant takes advantage of a working family in need.
And Wal-Mart showed that it will never do the right thing unless we stand up, express our outrage, and force it to make the moral choice. That's why we need to continue to pressure Wal-Mart to do right by its 1.3 million American employees on issues like health care, discrimination, and working conditions.
For the Shank family, this is a bittersweet victory. Debbie's injuries will last a lifetime, and the emotional toll of this ordeal won't go away easily. But now they have one less obstacle to overcome -- and you helped make that happen.
On behalf of the Shank family and all of us at Wal-Mart Watch, thank you for your support.
David NassarWal-Mart Watch
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