If I could turn back time


I would get on that train
Take away the pain
Hold your hand in mine
Dry your tears
Carry you with me
Everywhere I go
Show you the way
The way out of here

(for Suzanne)


Panaderos said...

That was a very beautiful ode for a friend. Take care.

Lorna said...


caimariemo said...

beautiful! miss you!

Nadine Smith said...

Very moving!! Sorry, under a new name now.

Awake In Rochester said...

I don't care for the concept of time. I think it's a bad idea. That poem was lovely.

rdl said...

Nadine - welcome - i like it. i've been contemplataing one too.
Cai- miss u too!
Lorna & Panderos - thank you.
Awake- you got me thinking now - maybe i should change the title- to - If I could. hmmm.

ipanema said...

love this poem, rdl. i was reminded of the song with the same title.

happy weekend! :)

Sky said...

i love this poem, title and all. your heart is showing in every line.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

That's perfect. :(