Today I waited in line for the privilege of shopping at the coach outlet store.I couldn't believe it - waiting in line to get in a store! It was my first time in one and my first time witnessing the phenomena of frenzied woman in search of the mighty grail of pocketbooks. Having never spent more than $50(maybe even $40) on a pocketbook i was perplexed by this. yes they were nice (i guess) but $200 plus for a pocketbook?? and one with "C's" all over it that lots other people have or perhaps want(as will possibly call attention to the fact that maybe this pocketbook has more money than that generic one?)
Anyway truth be known i was coveting this one tiny pocketbook,called a "wristlit" that was $60 (just 10 over the limit - if i was too succumb - but i'm much to frugal/cheap). A well-dressed/made up woman next to be had two of the same in her hand as she reached up for another red one, at which point i said, it's hard to pick, isn't it. to which she replied, "that's why you just get a multiplies of them.

I think my mouth was slightly ajar as she walked away on the arm of her coiffed husband with all 3 bags. I just wish i had said, don't you even feel a little bit guilty?

Hey but the good news is the Health Care Plan passed the Congress; now on to the Senate - keep your fingers crossed or uncrossed and dialing your senators!!

Well the pocketbook lady may only be able to get 2 next time, i feel so sorry for her already. sic.


Lorna said...

Is a pocketbook a purse or a wallet? Or a handbag?

You don't want any of the above, with Cs all over them in every colour. Or, conversely, if you do, I hope you get one.

Panaderos said...

3 pocketbooks??? Some people have way too much money to burn.

How are you, my friend? I apologize that I haven't been able to visit your site for quite a while. I hope things have been well with you and the family. Take care.