Vivid memory


I have this vivid memory of sitting on the steps of this boarding house, where we stayed summers when i was a kid, and looking down into the living room. The grownups were having a party and they'd sent us kids up to bed. I can picture myself sitting on the very top of the steps before the spindles started and trying to peek down through them and Ida ( the owner of the boarding house) saying "she's still up?" to my mother and my mother coming up to tell me to go to bed.
Was it that i feel left out or just curious about the adults ?

What's a childhood memory of yours?


ipanema said...

I have a lot of childhood memories, some on my blog.

That's a vivid one. :)

Lee said...

Falling in a fish pond.

Lorna said...

There was always something magical about observing the adults from a safe and unseen spot---seeing my mother as someone other people had fun with was quite an eye-opener when I was four

NoVA Dad said...

I've been thinking about this for several days, hoping that maybe I could come up with one to put here. Instead, thinking of one has led to thinking of another and another and another. This has actually turned into a good exercise of seeing how much I can remember from my childhood -- the two incidents where I knocked out my two front teeth; leaving my grandparents' house on cold and clear Christmas Eve nights after a big dinner and gathering all of their gifts to take home with us; moving into the house that has meant more to me than any other in my life. You don't have enough time for me to spout them all off -- thanks for posting this and giving me the joy of remembering.

rdl said...

ipanema, i must come see.
lee - were you a big fish or a lil fish
lorna - i know what you mean.
nova - you've got some good ones there - maybe a future post?