Dream log


Last night I dreamt that I was in a car crash,fortunately i woke up.

Two nights ago I dreamt that I had a lover in Paris, unfortunately I woke up.

What did you dream last nite?


ipanema said...

unfortunately you woke up huh? must have been something to find out. :)

i seldom dream. perhaps too tired. :(

Sky said...

sometimes i remember, but it is rare. usually those are the "worrying dreams," the ones that had me tied up in knots all night long! i awake exhausted!

musing said...

I can't remember my dreams from last night, but I have a feeling they weren’t as good as your lover in Paris one. :-)

Lorna said...

Last night I dreamt of my daughter's wedding, but I was there with my first husband, whom I haven't seen in 25 years. I also looked smashing. I love dreaming, as long as I don't have to try to interpret it.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Oh that's awful!
I am still dreaming about the Codman but it's never that actual building. The other night I was supposedly there and there was some kind of sale of antique china going on? The thing that was weird was that I was picking up these plates and napkin holders, etc., and they were shown to me in great detail. Where in my brain, did these images of all these many pieces of china come from?
I dream often and mostly remember scenes.
Always weird juxtapositions!