So many hats....

in little time. Yikes these 18 hr. days are killin me.

(I was disappointed i couldn't find a pic. of a woman doing this.)

6:20AM -mommy hat - make lunch send #1 son off to school
7:30 public servant hat: leave for jury duty ( yippee day off of work- i hope i get picked)
11:30 No hat- relieved of jury duty - damn. play hookey for rest of the day - feel just like i remember when i was a kid ( exuberant).
12:30 Movers hat: Return too large bookcase
1:00 Decorators hat: deliberate my decorating dilemmas
2:30 Mom hat- greet kid and head out to shop
6:00 Chauffeur hat - take kid to store for some needed school supply
7:00 Errand girl hat: food shop
7:30 Chef hat on and rattling the damn pots
8:00 Mom hat: dinner conversation
8:30 Maid hat - clean up dinner
9:00 Hairdresser hat - quick haircut for the spouse
10:00 Maid hat still on - throw laundry in
11:00 Correspondent hat - check emails from coaches, etc.
12:00 Blogger hat: Check blog - try to think of a coherent post fore bed.
12:20 Bedtime for Bonzo. Do not look at the to-do list, collect brush teeth, and take a deep breath cause...

in six short hours you get to do it all again!!


Noellet said...

Aren't all those hats just variations of the "modern woman" hat?

musing said...

That's a lot of hats you're wearing there! I think you may need an I'm-on-vacation hat. :)

Liquid said...

Love the post!
We do juggle, obviously.... hats, shoes (including the neighbors'), children, schedules, dogs and a cat who think she's a dog.
Ahhhhh.....can you imagine how boring it would be to be a loner? (sometimes? lol)

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

that's a great post. You left out the landscaper, dog trainer, bill payer/secretary hats :D

rdl said...

noelle - yup, overworked/underpaid
musing - when do we leave
liquid- yes we could savor the boredom for a little while
Mare - you're right, i did forget those.