Wacky Wednesday


(ok, let's finish the DOTW(days of the week) attempt to blog; let's see, we can do Manic monday (work tales), Haiku Tuesday, Wacky Wednesday(save/deleted drafts), Trivia(l) Thursday, Joke Friday, Photohunter Sat. and Sunday Sampler(Inspirational and Blog pick of the week.) Below a saved draft that i should delete.)

minimalist blogging:

In lieu of an explanation: I used to blog more; i blog in my head often("bloggin in my head" as my friend Mare and I laugh about.) In the summertime the living is... well not easy but busy-gardening and building projects takin up my time and my mind. So much for thinking blogging a winter sport, I'm still not blogging much. Have I lost my groove - writing those damn furniture ads?