Make believe maverick/the real John McCain


Go read this great story in the rolling stone about the self proclaimed maverick.

And read in the Anchorage Times about the maverick's lying side kick.
(Gov. Palin, read the report. It says you violated the ethics law.)

And from over at Crockheads : The Cranky Old Man Report: McCain's Transition Chief Lobbied for Hussein. The ineptness of the McCain campaign is unbelievable. Now it comes out that the head of his transition team, William Timmons, headed up a lobbying team for Saddam Hussein right after the first Iraq war. The same guy who vetted Governor Barracuda must have been in charge of vetting Timmons for his job.


ipanema said...

i guess the best time that skeletons come out is during campaign period. ah, the endless lies... :)

Anonymous said...

Psychiatrists define maverick (see wikipedia) as schizophrenic, self centered, unwilling to belong, party-of-self, suppozably centrist, like Nixon, Giuliani, Dole (all selfish womanizers). Avenge Abramoff. We know McCain' retired Senate buddies did whatever Abramoff did. Jack's only sin was beeing too young and too successful and Jewish. Call him Maverdick.