Where Obama wins round 2


No handshake from McCain; but what was worse is when he referred to Obama as "that one"!!! that one??? that one what? shades of racism/prejudice. incredible/unbelievable! He most certainly is out of touch/erratic- not who i want in the room talking to world leaders. I want the smartest guy in the room to be our next Presidant - Barack Obama!


Lee said...

Certainly we folk out here, watching from the stalls, seem to be all cheering for Obama. If only we voted.

ipanema said...

hmmm...i miss the debate friend.:(

Straight Talk on McCain said...

I was raised to show respect towards others. Some of the ways to be an honorable man was to look people in the eye, speak the truth, and shake people’s hands. To refuse a hand that was extended to you was a sign of disrespect. For McCain to refuse to shake Obama’s hand reveals McCain’s lack of character. http://straighttalkonmccain.blogspot.com/