I hate Sundays


I know you are supposed to love Sundays, a day of rest and relaxation. Rrright... A day of catch-up, hurry-up, get the shopping done/laundry done/ cook! and clean cause tomorrow you go back to Work( i realize i am dating myself here but i can hear Maynard g. Crebs(from the Dobie Gillis show) yell "Work". Note - i was a very precocious child with a teenage brother 7 yrs. my senior so i'm not That old - yes i am, who am i kidding? Anyway Dread & Loathing in Massachusetts sets in Sun. night when thoughts of going back to work the next day creep in. I even seem to have more trouble then usual getting to sleep - worrying about getting up, getting there on time and functioning in the capacity that i am paid for(translantion: not running, yelling and screaming from the building). I know, bad attitude. What can I say, i was meant to be a free spirit - no time clocks for this girl.

I just remembered this t-shirt i saw when i was down in Mexico: Forced to Work, Born to Party. I guess that says it all.

Blog pick of the week goes to....... Hotel de Ville de Paris , my favorite little blogger friend and friend in the real world as well. Go visit.


Sky said...

boy, do i remember the sundays you describe. after you retire sundays become just another day although it will always remain the last day of the weekend. that means i don't like that my hubby has to return to work on monday, but it's not as bad as my having to return. ;)

Sky said...

oh - and don't forget to keep us updated on the knee. ouch!

Lorna said...

No, sky, when you retire, sunday is just like every other day of the week--run around, catch-up, lose sleep, anticipate tomorrow.