Ok, what's left to tell of this tale. Mon. our last day there, just hung around the pool all day. No snorkling, no ferry to cozumel, no shopping and definitely no Salsa dancing. I did call the airlines in the morning and found out it would be $150 each to change the flight to that day or I could go see the Mexican Dr.($125) and get a note to have it changed for medical reasons. We had dinner that night early and were back in the room before 9 - more Mexican TV after packing. Thank
G-d for sleeping pills i say.

The next morning the last breakfast on the patio. I liked breakfast the best there actually. Cappuchino machine, fresh fruit, yogurt, croissants and someone making omelets - what's not to like? Then we headed to the airport. The airline gave us a wheelchair and my husband wheeled me thru the airport in Cancun and in Miami and thru customs and back in Boston.

We got in late and luckily i had the next day off from work. I was able to get an appt. with an Ortho Dr. the following day. Diagnosis: Synviossis/Trauma to the knee. Treatment: the RICE diet Rest, ice, compression and elevate. That was thurs. i didn't have to go back to work to last mon. He said if it wasn't better in 2 wks. to call for an MRI. Went yesterday.

Diagnosis: Torn(or worse) Meniscus and possible tear/complete rupture of the ACL.

El Final


Amias said...

Yes, I know that feeling. Had surgery on right knee, refused to allow them to play with the left one.

Hope you get better ... and even though you had an accident, I am glad your vacation wasn't a complete lost.

Crockhead said...

Double bummer.

TJ said...

OH NO!! Torn(or worse) Meniscus, I have been there!! 6 weeks on crutches and foot ws never to touch the ground....ouch! So sorry to hear this...keep smiling. They say smiling helps you to heal faster...who ever they is?