The good news is


Sometimes you just have to trust your gut.

Last wk. after booking surgery for my knee,I tried to put all doubts aside, I really did but somehow they found me. I’m not a big believer in divine anything but after last wk. I was calling it divine or (any) intervention.
I was walking into a local grocery store when I saw someone i knew, a friend of a friend. I held back to avoid having to talk. She went in but then stopped and I stopped but then forged ahead and passed her, hoping she didn't’ see me( i just didn't feel much like chatting; i just wanted to get in and get out). But, as fate would have it, i was nabbed. "R... is that you? "( nope it's hop a long/peg(leg) or gimpy as they've been calling me at work (g-d love yr. co-workers).
"You're limping, what happened?"
I gave her the short version of what had happened ( not the 4 part blog post). and when i got to who was going to do my surgery, the look on her face confirmed my doubts and after talking to her, I knew that he would never be cutting into me. Herself, having undergone the same surgery that i needed, told me of her surgeon and raved about what a top notch Boston surgeon she is and how she had come highly recommended to her.
So first thing Mon. morning i got on the horn to this dr. and made an appt. it was a long week waiting impatiently to get in, especially after i cancelled my surgery for that week.
So when I got in to see her i was ready to consent to surgery that day if she wanted to do it. Really,I was ready, i am sick to death of limpin around and not being able to do what i want/like to do - ie: walk the dog, work in my gardens/walk normally. But when she tells me that I don't need surgery. Hell, well that's good right, i think. Long story short, she wouldn't operate on the ruptured ACL and she's not sure that Meniscus surgery is necessary/will help. That my symptoms seems to be from the swelling and surgery would make that worse. Swell!
So she recommends trying PT for a couple of weeks, then coming back to see her to see how I'm doing. (? )
Of course i forgot to ask her the obvious: and then what?

(anyone out there with meniscus/acl/knee stories to tell, please feel free to leave a post in comments or a link.)


Sky said...

glad you got a 2nd opinion. did she do new tests or use the previous ones? if there is so much swelling is there any fluid that can be drained off the knee?

sure hope PT helps.

hope you won't need a 3rd opinion. hubby had to do that about a medical issue last fall. it paid off...doc #1 had been right all along! though he had fallen under a spell with doc #2 i had become suspicious of something doc #2 said and asked him to see doc #3. when he went to doc #3 he told the doc he was looking to confirm a diagnosis. doc #3 said, "do not tell me what anyone else has said and let me determine what i think independently." of course, that was the plan all along. he confirmed doc #1's diagnosis without doubt.

don't know why some things have to be so complicated! i've had one knee problem in my life. went to the orthopedic group the atlanta braves used. (i always figure the major athletes use the best, so i go to them for ortho issues.) doc did tests and diagnosed me that day. he was right - knee healed fine in a few weeks. wish i could help you.

i will send very good wishes your way that this is resolved quickly. have you done any research online? i always think doing my own research pays off.

rdl said...

Sky- no new tests and she didn't mention draining. She is a top notch Boston surgeon to some sports people tho. Funny you should mention a 3rd opinion; i just had a converstion about that with someone who also had a 3rd opinion after months & months of dr's and PT. as far as research - i've read more than i ever wanted to know about knees! I just hope & pray that this knee business doesn't go on as long as the arm business did!

Amias said...

Glad you got a second opinion, wish I had. But I was smart enough not to fall for it the second time ... and knee surgery is out of the question for me --- I just need to lose some weight! It seems the older we get we will have knee problem, but it's better than having a cancer.

Oh .. I don't think this helped at all! But PT got me back on my feet.

musing said...

Oh, my. I'm so sorry to hear about your knee. Very glad you followed your instincts, though!

caimariemo said...

always trust your gut! Glad to hear you don't need surgery!!