Eight minus Jon or Kate


Ok I succumbed and watched them make a spectacle of themselves(oh yeah that's what they always do).
I called a friend to chat and she said she had to go cause her family wanted to watch "Jon & Kate +, so I joked, "ok tell them they've reached a new low".
I never really followed it (not a big fan of reality tv anyway) but the few times I caught some of it channel surfing - i always thought "that guy looks miserable - detached". So it was not much of a surprise to me when there was trouble in river city or PA.

So I hung up and decided to watch. I thought it was depressing (cept for the cute kids in their new play houses) and very repetitive. I kept wondering why they kept repeating things- to emphasize or fill the hour? I think those repeats should've been on the clipping floor/edited out not repeated.

I guess now it really is reality tv.
Personally I got some news of the same last night from someone in my family. They(the parents) also are going to move in & out and let the kid stay in the house and not have to shuttle between 2 houses. And another family member just split (separate abodes) last month. It seems to be becoming the norm. Ozzie & Harriet and The Cleavers seem like a hundred years ago now- oh it almost was!


Sky said...

i so agree with you about the show. i had read so much hype about this show that a month or so ago i told hubby we needed to watch one episode just to see what the big deal was. we did and could not figure out why the show was so popular - except there are some cute kids in it. i just don't get it - america has reallllly changed television viewing habits during my lifetime. after 10-12 mins this show would bore me to death. and, there is so very little appealing about either parent in my opinion. hope the kids come out ok!

Panaderos said...

I don't know for how long they could continue with this show now that news has come out that Jon and Kate are divorcing. I feel bad for the kids but I guess it's better that way rather than have them witness a loveless marriage.

caimariemo said...

I agree. I do think Kate has been very selfish through out this whole thing, it was all about the money to her... regardless of what might happen to her marriage. My best wishes are for the kids at this point.

musingwoman said...

I watched some of the show on YouTube. I can't imagine the psychological effects this will have on their children.

To go through your parents' divorce on national television. It's just wrong.