The worst person in the world is....


Rep. Joe Wilson- when he yelled out "you lie" when Obama was obviously telling the truth that illegal aliens would Not be covered in this plan. What was he thinking, or not thinking - the dumb ass. Unbelievable! I couldn't believe it - 1st time ever that a president was demeaned like that. but then he is the first black president, so why am I surprised by the knee jerk reaction(racist) such as was displayed by the rep. of S.C.

And as always, Obama kept his cool and continued on with his speech and an exceptionally good one i might add; tho i thought there were a couple of remarks that could have been edited out that left him open for ridicule - like when he said it needed some work and there were the ensuing snickers. But all in all I think he defended this bill and the need for this bill very well. Especially when he brought up "moral principles" and the character of our country. well i'll let you watch it yourselves, if you missed it.

What I found interesting as he spoke was watching who stood up and who didn't, those applauding and those who frowned or had forced mocking smiles. And especially hard was watching Vicki Kennedy holding back tears as Obama spoke of Ted Kennedy.

Now go call your Congressmen, what are you waiting for - we need health care reform and we need it Now!

And for Much better coverage of all this go over to Keith Olbermanns Countdown.
Keith you're my hero.


Amias said...

I just got through watching Keith, and you are right, he did a wonderful job covering both sides ..

.. if the blinders were not off about the Republicans agenda before this, it's of now!

We are all a part of the Human Race, and there is more poor folks than rich ... if we don't band together to benefits from some of our collective tax dollars now, we might just miss the opportunity. Yes, I called all my representatives, thank yo for the reminder. I shall do it again and again until the bill is passed.

Lee said...

Good luck!

Crockhead said...


Lorna said...

Oh, RDL---I didn't know Keith Olbermann, but he's wonderfully committed and very clear. I loved watching those videos.

rdl said...

Amias- Yes!
Lee- Thanks!
Crockhead- don't forget to call!
Lorna- I just love Keith!! do u get MSNBC in Canada? if not now u know where to watch. :D

Sky said...

we couldn't find MSNBC on Canadian Cable while on vacation recently, and I was very disappointed. I like it better than CNN.

Well, R, some people are just stupid, and stupid is something we can't fix. That says it all, i think, when we listen to some of the ridiculous propaganda scattered out there!

I have found it amusing and distresssing that those who claim their "faith" is the most important element in their lives often worry more about their purses than about the human values one would expect to see in a life devoted to faith, and the love and respect of our fellow men and women. The fact that the contradiction is missed is baffling.