Shout out


A great big shout out and Thank you to Amias of Magic of Integrated Circuits and Acrostics Only. The beautiful new site(s)/blogs are all her work. She did all of them- this main one and my poetry sites and my brand new one ( Private Dancer - which as the name indicates is private and by invite, so just email me(i've added contact me in my profile) your email address and i'll add you. ) An explanation as to why the need for this private site is provided there and here.

Oh, and unfortunately in the process my blogroll disappeared. I've been slowly adding to it the best i can , so if you're not there, please leave a link in comments so i can add you back.


Amias said...

Oh Rdl, you are too nice.

I wished I could take all the credit for these beautiful templates, but all I did was put them up for you and made them work the way you wanted them too ... I was more than happy to do this for such a caring person ---.

I thank you for the shout out! See this smile on my face, oh --- sorry about that, you got to stand back because it's real big and up close it looks like a crater.

rdl said...

Nice smile!!