red headed neighbor lady


So she comes out front, hugs me and we wind up in her living room. She has bright red hair still ( she's about 75). I didn't remember her at first but when I saw the picture of her, when she was young, hanging in her living room I did. Evidently she really liked my Mom and went on about how much fun she was how much fun they used to have. She rattled off all the ole neighbor's and how they had died. I felt kinda sad sittin there at one point. Anyway we finally left and drove to the High School and all around town actually, from one end of town to the other. Saw both parks, the ole JCC, the uptown and downtown diners ( i hung at both at different periods in my life- ),and had lunch at Petridis ( the ole hot dog stand - tho now it is in a store.) Luke thought they were the best hot dogs. I liked them better when they were from the truck on the corner; it just wasn't the same eating them sitting down at a table in that storefront.They tasted much better covered in mustard and sauerkraut in a paper napkin , standing eating them on the sidewalk while juggling yr. coke or yoo hoo.I even remember how the sauerkrat made the roll soggy and you had to be careful not to eat the napkin. My ole grammar school was gone, torn down, houses now.
It was creepy but kind of cool being there all these years later. Oh yeah- the pool where my brother used to work ; I was telling Luke how it used to only be 50 cents to get in and as we drive by we read the sign and it still says 50 cents. neeneeneenee. You are now entering the Twilight Zone.