a thousand words a day


Ok, i am going to aspire to this as my real writer friend expounds this from "Making a LiteraryLife" by Caroline See. However since I am just a dilitante (dabbler in many things, master of none: ie: writing, piano, photography) which really translates to lazy shit; I decided to just post everyday and even at this I've been cheating. When I haven't written anything that day I am posting an old poem. I am going to try and stop this cheating and continue writing new entries everyday. I will also put all the old poems in a separate place under old poems, as i like seeing them in print here and perhaps start a new poems section of more recent stuff. Now that I have a plan I think I will go take a nap.


Patry Francis said...

It's the 24th. You owe us a couple thousand words. Come on, girl.