Buried in paper


I love words; I hate math. It's simply as that. Since my last morose post I've been dying to post again, something a little more upbeat, but I've been buried in numbers and paper, both of which i hate. My tax guy came today and inevitably as always I am unprepared. I had all the W-2's and 1099's and whatever else comes in the mail all jammed in the closet above my desk, right in the corner where i could find them and I pulled them out just an hour before he arrived;tho I messed that up too. I thought he was coming at 3 but he arrived at 2, so I had barely arranged the piles on the dining room table,never having even looked to see if I had everything i needed (what a surprise). Luckily for me he is a kind patient ole guy and used to me it seems. I even made jokes about missing the same papers every year, the abiguous excise tax forms (only those from Mass. would appreciate this - just another dumb tax from taxachusetts- on the car you aleady own). Then we came upon a snafu and I had to make a call to my broker ( boy I wish I was as rich as that sounds) but actually it's my Dad's broker, who I inherited last yr. when he passed away and never having had any monies to claim I was lucky that my tax guy caught an error. However when we made the call to get the correct numbers to figure the tax mess, we were told by Iris, my brokers left hand woman, that she would call right back. I was already late for picking up my son so I left the taxguy with the phone and said, "I'll be right back." When I got to the school L. was right out front with his friend who needed a ride home so I yelled just get in the car and off we went. When we got back Iris still hadn't called so I called her and she spoke with Tom, the tax guy, and we finally got the damn taxes done. The dining room table is still covered with my mess of papers; have I said how much I hate paper as well as numbers. I really did want to get to one of those drafts, well maybe tomorrow.


Mary said...

She's back! Woohoo!

The photo matches this post perfectly. Congratulations on getting it done - enjoy yourself now!

Patry Francis said...

It's a good feeling when it's over--at least, if you don't have to pay.

rdl said...

Thanks Mary :D Patry: we dont have to pay but not getting as much as I already had spent :(

dog1net said...

Taxes have always been more complicated than necessary, and I wish they would find a way to get rid of income taxes. Aside from taxes being a pain in the butt, I constantly battle what seems to be continue onslaught of paid bills and statements that just pile up and up. I bought a paper shredder, but burned it out after the first week. Maybe I'll rent a tree chipper and not only get rid of all my paper, but thrown in a few bags of old clothes and shoes.

Musing said...

Great post! I love words and hate math, too. Funny, though, I work in accounting. Not sure how that happened, really.

rdl said...

scott: I've decided to turn over a new leaf and just start ditching things as they come in and pay them, maybe this way we wont' get buried in paper anymore.
Jeanette: Thanks, & I know what you mean, here i am working in medicine/science- just right above math in my book.