The Master of procrastination


, excuses, and alibis is proudly proclaiming ...."The F-in Science Fair Project is Done!!!" The problem was we shoulda started it a week earlier; basically we crammed 2 wks. worth of work into 1 week ( and without the drugs- like in College). And we didn't really do all that much yelling considering. Now we just have to spend the whole day on Sat. at school at the damn Fair. I know i have a very bad attitude. L's not too pleased cause we will be late for baseball leveling day. I on the other hand might have more time to post while sitting in the car at practices. Maybe I can even write a" great american novel "like the woman from a town near here. The novel was "Must love dogs" - she wrote it waiting at soccer practices. Well since I'm too tired to cook we are going out for a burger, so hopefully i can not get back to regular or irregular posting now. Tomorrow is Joke Friday - see you then - if not before.
Hey, anyone know how to add that blogrolling thing so that you know when blogs have updated? and don't tell me to go to blogrolling - I'm one of those who don't read the directions usually. I do like the idea of this feature tho so maybe I will .... later.


Patry Francis said...

What a great idea--bringing a notebook to all those sporting events and practices.

Jona said...

But you got it done! Pat on the back and I hope everyone loves it :o)

And err, yes, it's blogrolling that gives you the update feature ;o)

Mary said...

Hang in there ... and yes, take notes at the practices.