This post was written on May 25, 2006- almost exactly a yr. ago and even tho i've been sleeping better lately, with the help of a mother's little helper, faced with the choice of delete or post, I thought i'd post it anyway.

Recent thoughts on insomnia and bloggers
It seems to me that a fair share of the bloggers that i like and frequent have one of the same problems as me - Insomnia. It got me to thinking: what causes it, are there predispostions to it? Some of my reasons for it are"
Worry - some unresolved problem/conflict always ready and waiting to jump in at a moments notice.
We just plain Think too much - so as soon as a glimmer of consciousness appears our thought processes jump into gear. I sometimes find myself thinking as i get up to go to the bathroom or tend the aging/wailing cat who wants food or me in the middle of the nite - i find myself thinking - just go to the bathroom and get right back to sleep. tyring to will my mind back into unconsciousness.
The creative juices decide to flow in the middle of the night/never in the middle of a blank page; such as an idea for a blog post.
Procratination( perhaps a distant cousin to insomnia?) That list starts playing - all those things you didn't check off on your to do list.

What's your take on this??


Matt said...

I think we're so busy with life during the day that we have no time to work through the creative thoughts and "housecleaning" we need to do so when we stop for the night the brain finally kicks in to those modes. You said you found some help - not sure what it was. I started taking melatonin and another natural combination of herbs that helped tremendously.

rdl said...

matt, i started taking a very small dose of amitryptyline (an anti-depressant) that seems to help with sleep. I haven't needed to take sleeping pills hardly at all so i guess it works. My reflux problems seem to be improved with it also or maybe with the sleep. But i'm a night owl and have to make sure i get enof sleep.