Full Moon


R. Laban

( No time to post, but since i like this picture so much I decided to post this unedited rant from 2 wks ago)

Working title: Sleeplessnes take one hundred and fifty-two.......

Tonite,it was the damn, annoying, cough. But when I tried to ignore it, i started hacking from the dry feeling and reached for the water, then for the cough drops(which i live on. Tonite i got panicky in the car ,with the family, on the way to the restaurant because when i reached in my purse to see if i had any at first I didn't think i did, then i realized i did, big sigh of relief as I chewed my Tums that I did remember to grab on the way out the door.) But now no cough drop on the nite stand! Then I notice, as i head for the bathroom because now that i'm awake i'm aware that i need to, that I'm kinda sweaty(nothing out of the ordinary for me(I'm not mentioning that dirty word tho), ok where was I ( now i'm even lost in this run-on record breaker).
Ok so back to bed i go, realizing full well that I'm wide awake and already thinking about writing this as well as other draft material. But I'm choosing to ignore the pull of this dang internets(as our illustrious(idiot) presi(nope not gonna go there). Am I breaking any Guiness records for rambling yet?(I'm sure when i reread this it will remind me of one of my college papers on speed - and those were in long hand! you didn't pull out the typewriter till the final draft - maybe that was a good thing). Am I overdosing on cough syrup yet? Nope, because then i would be asleep. (*Note to self - don't be so cheap, go to walmart and buy that exspensive Delsum cough syrup instead of comparing the labels/ingredients and price and buying the store brand or better yet go to the walk in urgent care clinic($20 co-pay to go tell the doc what i need since i've already researced it on Web MD - hey can he be my primary - he's always availabe, unlike when i call and I'm offered an appt. 2 months from now. maybe i can get a script for the good cough medicine and some nasal spray for the damn post nasal drip that is causing it!

ok back to our regularly scheculed program of me bitchin and moanin. So i get up and go downstair to refill the water and turn off a light in the kitchen and put the kitchen nite lite on
When turning off the lights in the kitchen I noticed it was still pretty bright, so when i passed thru the dining room i went over to the window to find the moon and yup (full).
Ok I thought there was a point to this story but i see it's like my college paper on drugs, not worth editing, just start over in the morning.


Lorna said...

whew!!maybe there's some kind of bitchiness fever that's running pandemic around the world lately.

gorgeous picture!

ipanema said...

I love the photo, rdl. It's beautiful. hmmm...talking about cough. I'm nursing a flu now. :(

Carol said...

are you feeling better now?

rdl said...

lorna & ipanema - glad you like the pic! It drew me to take it, it seems.
carol - better? yes- reflux under control w/o reflux med. arm reminds me I'm old & decrepit now & then. and i seem to be winning the battle on sleeplessness with the new med. albeit i'm sleepy most of the day; especially when the alarm goes off. Thanks for asking.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

awful :(

Patry Francis said...

That's the moon photo you were telling me about! It's fabulous!