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I was tagged by Matt,over at Faith & Family, to list eight random things about myself. Before I actually complete my list, I'm required to list the following rules:

I have to post these rules before I give you the facts.
Each player starts with eight random facts/habits about themselves.
People who are tagged need to write their own blog about their eight things and post these rules.
At the end of your blog, you need to choose eight people to get tagged and list their names.
Don’t forget to leave them a comment telling them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.
I like the categories of random things that Matt picked for his list, so I think I'll just stick with those.

Food: A bagel for breakfast, pizza for lunch and pasta for dinner and a salad(preferably Greek or with some cheese in it.)

Family: Married for 15 years! with a wonderful son!! and Jackson(3yr.old black lab).

Exercise: Yardwork,housework and walking the dog.

Profession: Ophthalmic technician for 20 yrs!! and bartender previous to & during that for an equal amount of time. remember they overlapped, but i did start working at 14 (camp counselor).

Obsession: hmm ... Renovating my house. Basically rebuilt it while living in it the past 6 yrs. roof, windows and siding, side steps/entry, front steps/stone wall, kitchen/dining room, both bathrooms, sunroom/family room and new mantel and crown molding for the living room, oh, and paint of course. Now I want to refinish the basement and replace the bulkhead with a walkout structure and new deck, finish landscaping front and back and we also need a new heating system( might as well do AC too, right? what bank can i rob?

Faith: Jewish by birth and raising my son in that faith but secretly Zen buddhistish.

Ailments: Just recovered from 3 yrs. of tendonitis(elbow) and bursitis(shoulder). knocking wood. Currently suffering from ? GERD - seeing a gastroenteroligist tmrrw. i'm sure i'll be posting on that. And just getting over the longest cold (upper respitory infection) on record or i have allergies.

Games: Pool,Bid whist, Scrabble, backgammon.

Oh and the rulebreaker isn't tagging 8 people as is stated in the rules but just asking any & all takers to leave a link in comments if you decide to join in.


Noelle said...

I'll Play!
Food: Anything vegetarian, especially avocados.
Family: Two married parents, and a little sister. (my mom guest blogged today!) I currently live alone, waiting for my boyfriend of 4 years to come around.
Exercise: Swimming, yoga, running, ignoring housework.
Profession: selling books.
Obsession: blogging at work! (yikes!)
Faith: Although much of my family and ancestors are Jewish, I was raised Presbyterian and Christian Science, chose the latter at age 12, and recently realized I've actually been an atheist all along.
Ailments: I'm right there with you on the respiratory infection. I just got a tetanus shot that turned into a lump of scar tissue in my arm. The doc says I may have it for the rest of my life.
Games: boomshine! (Google it.)
Thanks for indulging me. We should get together for a game of scrabble.

NoVA Dad said...

Thanks for playing along:-) I'm amazed at how much you've done to your house the past six years; you're certainly to a few aches and pains from that alone -- but ideally only in the wallet. I certainly hope your appointment went well, and that your health won't be an issue.

mm said...

Oh yes, I'm a sucker for a meme, I'll be doing this though probably not until the weekend.

Inspired to read about the work you've done on your house. I need to do some repairs in my new place and reading your list is inspirational.

Hope the ailments sort themselves out. It's nice to visit here again, rdl.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

First day back to work in Dedham.
I'll play tag later :D

Liquid said...

Hey girl.......How fun! Just wanted to invite you to a "new found" fun website. I spend a good bit of time here and would love to have you join. My username is, of course, Liquid. (lol) Please join and find me. Hope your Dr.'s appointment went well. Let me know!


Liquid said...

Oh, lol, it is SisterWoman.com
Geeze, I'm slipping! :)

rdl said...

noelle - i would love to play scrabble with you.
nova dad- yes the house was definitely the cause of the pain in the wallet as well as arm.
mm- so glad to see you here again!
msw- yippee you're home! when ya comin ovah?
liquid- a new hang out? i'll try & stop by.

Anonymous said...

Nice to learn a little more about you, rdl!

Carol said...

I would like to do this in the coming week. Come and remind me if I don't. My memory is... uh, I lost my train of thought...