Slowing down


to a crawl, it seems - in all aspects of my life and not really liking it much, except for a few insights. Specifically- i've got to take better care of myself. I don't know, I just thought I could go on forever at my once usual frenetic pace.

I am starting to (having to) appreciate the one thing that i've got done today, instead of dwelling on all the things I didn't get done.

I thought I was actually appreciating the slower pace, time to think, notice, reflect; but maybe too much time.

A friend just recently pointed out to me that my blog posts have slowed down too. Am i thinking too much?? Has the muse taken a vacation when i wasn't paying attention.

Am i still clearly depressed? or just lazy as we have always known. Crazy I guess - did you notice the we there? Both, i reckon.

Or maybe i'm just too hard on myself. My arm is still bothering me and is a big bother!! I'm a middle-aged mother with marital problems. I'm not thrilled with my job anymore (key word - job).

Well I think i'm done complaining, whining and otherwise making excuses, for now
that is.


Matt said...

I prefer the term "venting" -- expressing frustration or fear about your life among a supportive group should never be categorized as whining; we all have difficulties and all need outlets -- our blogs just happen to be a good place for that.

Please know my prayers continue to head your way for a recovery in all phases of your life:-)

Patry Francis said...

Slow or fast doesn't really matter, as long as we keep going, right?a And no, you're not whining!

Love from a sister turtle.

Sky said...

you have a sense of humor - it can't be all bad! ;)

Mary said...

Patry's right. You're not whining. You're finding the rhythm that's right for you. Maybe allow yourself a bit of trial and error?

Hard on yourself? Probably. (It takes one to know one! :-)).

MB said...

(((rdl))), with as much going on as you have, it is no wonder to me that you might have slowed down for a while. Pain — physical and emotional — drains energy rather than restoring it. That's not whining, that's reality.

It won't always be this way.

Lorna said...

thank god for inventing blogging; keeps us sane