Assignment 2


I kinda cheated and resurrected this old post for Assignment 2 over at Just Write.

The dirt road

I had just moved into a house, down a long dirt road, that belonged to a married couple. I was to have a room in their house. I didn’t know them, but they were taking me in. I was having the road paved for them, but I don’t know why. Then just as suddenly I was leaving; I didn’t know where I was going. I just remembered this overwhelming feeling of being lost,not settled. I was so lonely in their house; I just wanted to go home.

I was trying to get home to my son because I knew that he had been home alone all day. When I finally called him it was late at night and he hadn't eaten dinner yet. When I walked into the corner store there was a picture of him, on the front page of the Vineyard Gazette, showing him eating ice cream at the ice cream shop on Circuit Ave. in Oak Bluffs. The article said that I was a bad mother for letting him have ice cream for dinner.

The next morning I smiled when I came downstairs and saw him sitting there at the granite island, slumped over the sports page eating cereal and drinking orange juice.


Edie said...

Hi rdl,

i've been out of the loop for a while. I finally get to come for a visit and a smile is put on my face instantly. ;-)

Patry Francis said...

what a sweet dream.

MB said...

I like the way you began this — made it feel so real.

Mary said...

Like this very much. Your dream is accurate, there is something downright bad about ice cream - it's far too enjoyable .... :-)