I woke,like i usually do, in the middle of the night. Sometimes it's because I'm hot and have to throw the blankets off (curses to menopause), other times to go to the bathroom (curses to my aging bladder),or i've woken because of my new ailments: pain in my arm or discomfort of my ? reflux problem ( damn stress and infirmity) and other times its my damn mind - i just start thinking.
Tonite it was all of the above. I woke up, threw off the down comforter, went to the bathroom, went to lie back down and felt the annoying feeling in my throat and started thinking.
I noticed the light on the clock next to my bed was flashing and from the hallway I noticed a light on downstairs and wondered what light had been left on. I thought it was a light in the living room but when i went down there i saw that the light was coming from the sunroom, which was odd because the french doors were closed and we don't really use that room in the winter. My son & I had been out at the Yom Ha-Shoah ceremony and come up here to the den after eating our subs at the kitchen island. When my husband came home from work, he also came up here to the smallest room in the house and the one most used. I opened the doors and shut it off and proceeded to the kitchen to let the dog out who now thought it was time to get up and get fed. I reset the flashing clocks on the stove and microwave and went back up after feeding puppy of course. Then I got back in bed and realized the futility of my actually sleeping, so i came in the den to write down some of the ideas flashing through my head.
This post was supposed to be about the hour i spent lying in bed, before i got up, listening to the wind.


ipanema said...

Menopause? waiting.:) I've been in that situation many
times. age...aah!

You're restless. Hope you will be alright. Take care.

Ampersand said...

Yes, I too have had that sleeplessness as I age.

Thanks for stopping by my blogs and leaving so many nice comments :).

Now, I'm off to read more of your blog!

Liquid said...

Yes, I felt the drowziness in the Welcome to the awakening of sanity!! Yup.....we're sooooooooooo related!


(Shoshanna Ruth)

Lorna said...

I love saying that word, except when it's coupled with Carey.....

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I love wind. That Nor'easter you had up there came all the way down here and it's been windy as heck. I took the kids to the water park yesterday and we had the whole place mostly to ourselves. All the Floridians were wearing heavy clothes and my kids kept asking why. "we're in Florida", they'd say. It's glorious. Perfect summer.

rdl said...

Lorna, Yes, me too!