American Idol


I stopped watching the show this year, was bored/sick of it, no one appealed to me, seemed talented, was growing tired of the judges - always the same. Then the other night my 13 yr. old who had also stopped watching it had it on, told me Bono was going to be on ( our favorite). And there was Ben Stiller being Ben Stiller ( very funny) and Ellen and House(love him!) and countless other celebs. But then the piece de la resistance- the African Childrens Choir ( what happy smiling faces and beautiful voices). The film clips of the orphans and sick mothers was extremely moving. My son was moved as well, he said to me, maybe I should donate my 200 dollars ( the money he has saved for a Kayak); but i told him that i would go to the website and donate with my credit card. The next morning he asked me if I had. I did but still feel like we should do more. If you can Please go here and help save children in poverty in the US(Katrina flood victims) and Africa(orphans/some with HIV or Malaria.)
Thank you.


Mary Sheehan Winn said...

This is the first season that I have watched Idol. The beginning was awful when they televised people who were obviously shown just for their pathetic performances or wrenching melt downs. Tacky, TV Tabloid stuff, but now we're into it. I think Jordan or Melinda is the winner.
I agree about the poverty everywhere but couldn't sit through a whole show around it. There is too much suffering everywhere, including right here in the USA.
Lukie, sweetheart ***