I tried to edit out the Merry Xmas as I really liked this picture, but I'm not as smart as I look(actually the saying in our family is "you're not as dumb as you look".
But I do want to thank my small (but great) group of regulars for hanging out with me this year. Can't believe this is my 3rd New Years Eve here in Blogland. Last New Year's and the Year before that.
No big plans for tonight - just the usual Thai food with the boy - maybe the last one since he's now a teenager.
Hope you all have fun and see you next year!


NoVA Dad said...

Thanks for a great and interesting blog; looking forward to reading more in 2008. Happy new year!

ipanema said...

I agree that's a beautiful photo!

Have a great, prosperous New Year ahead! :)

Lorna said...

Thai food with a boy sounds good. I think I'll have soup with a guy, and maybe a walk in the snow.

Happy New Year.

Lee said...

Very best wishes for 2008!

Sky said...

beautiful image, i agree.

yup, the teenager will eventually dump you for a younger crowd!

hope the new year brings you much happiness!

Noelle said...

Happy new year!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

thanks for bringing me to the blogosphere
Happy (or a reasonable facsimile) New Year ;)