Excuses, excuses


Yet more excuses for not blogging/posting/commenting lately:

Endless yard work
Dirty house
Driving kids to the mall(movies)
Deck dilemma(old one falling down/design dilemma/material dilemma/$$$dilemma
+ need new bulkhead and to fix grading problem.
Making call for Obama
Obsession with MSNBC and the Democratic Campaign - (c'mon Hillary give it up- let's get on with it!)
Depression trying to rear it's ugly head and winning i think.
Getting ready(but not doing anything to get ready) to go to Washington DC on Friday
Trying to make plans for summer vacation but not getting anywhere with that
And last but not least down to one ailing computer - the kid broke the laptop (yup dropped it off his lap - well chair actually but it was on his lap before he put it on the chair).
This one here is 6 or 7 years old and is on it's 3rd life- having crashed 2 hard drives. Last nite one of the bright blue screens with white writing that spell doom & gloom appeared and luckily i am still here today.
Hopefully i will be back someday soon.


ipanema said...

hahahahaha...i just posted my reaction at twitter. I like making a call to Obama! :)

hope you're well. i am the same, busy, no time to write a thoughtful one. :)

musing said...

I'm just the opposite lately. Not doing laundry, vacuuming the floors or making some needed calls, because I'm blogging!

Hate to hear you're down. Hope things look brighter soon.

Noelle said...

Obama would never break your computer.

Liquid said...

Wishing you all the positive energy you need to........"Git 'er done"


Carol said...

Thanks for the visit.
Hope all goes well.

Sky said...
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Sky said...

oops - bad link. let me start over.

sounds like a busy life!

here is a pic of your guy which i think you will like. i like the pensive silhouette of him. since you are such a big fan, i thought i would share this in case you don't read the nyt every day.

yikes at dropping the laptop! hope the computer you are using keeps on running.

rdl said...

ipanema - how do i find it on twitter??
musing - yeah it seems to go in waves.
liquid - :D
noelle - :D
carol - nice to see you
sky- Thanks!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

oh I hear you.
Depression and artistic types seem to go hand in hand ;(
Sorry, I've been out of touch. Can't seem to motivate myself sometimes either. Don't know why.
I did paint yesterday but have been putting off the yard work etc..
::::head in sand:::::

rdl said...

Marewhee- Sooooooo glad you stopped by, we're still laughing about "You don't talk auntie Ree". too funny - we just need to laugh more!!