The Editor


in me is having fun here in my drafts file - fun deleting all these old drafts - down to 15 and, probably not even half of them will see the light of day. It's funny but i do think that this might've been the job for me. Lots of times after movies i walk out thinking what they could've cut to make it better; and in books too, sometimes i think of a better ending or how they could've made things more beliveable or a character more likeable.
Yes, I think I would've liked having a red pen in my hand or being surrounded by what was left on the cutting floor.

(I'm waiting for an interview for a pt-time job at the local rag for editorial assisant-keep your fingers crossed.)

update: I received an email stating that they would be conducting interviews after Thanksgiving - but i never even got the interview- I did receive an email stating that the position had been filled. No cigar!


Lee said...

Fingers duly crossed. Be sure to let us know when crossing no longer needed.

Lorna said...

Lee said so well what I was thinking. good luck.

Sky said...

fingers crossed. putting positive energy into the universe with your name on it! :) keep us posted.

you are industrious. one job might exhaust me, but 2 would kill me!

musing said...

Good luck with the job!