I was working on a list of excuses why i haven't been blogging:

vaca or lack of
dog hit by car
too humid
this upstairs guest bedrm/den/computer room too damn hot to be in
uninspired/ i got nothing
sad/depressed (what else is new - go take your prozac woman). do i have to add schizophrenia now too?

and then everytime i came to my blog to get to your blogs i'd see those rocks and think:
my blog is on the rocks
my marriage is on the rocks
my teenager hates me one minute and thinks i'm funny/kinda cool briefly(very occasionally).
i hate my job
our pets heads are falling off (from dumb & dumber) nevermind
so excuses and guilt aside i think the one word title of this alleged post sums it up pretty good.
Now i wonder how many hits i will get from search engines thinking i typed in a slightly different word.


Sky said...


you never lose your sense of humor. that is worth more than words can say. thanks for the chuckle. hope the days improve and you feel a bit perkier. hugs.

rdl said...

Sky: Thank G-d! and thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Dale said...

Ach, sometimes it's hard to go on.

Hugs, rdl. Keep your left up & roll with the punches.

kaye said...

how many hits did you get?

Lorna said...

did you think people were going to type in Punk or Fund or furk?

rdl said...

Dale: Thanks!
Kaye: much less than i thought
Lorna: none of the above :D

Amias said...

This is true funk, and I hate to admit it, but I am feeling you sister! My funk is still with me, but I try and ignore it.