Subtitle: I've lost that loving feeling.

Since this has been looking like an abandoned blog of late, I thought I would offer some sort of explanation (excuse)- i never did figure out how to do those clever dash throughs.
Well, first there was the mulching - i finally broke down and had some delivered after it finally stopped raining for 40 days and 40 nites. I hate mulch - i hate paying for it and i hate spreading it! and i still haven't finished spreading it!
Then there was just the doldrums i seemed to be in - why?? lack of summer weather - haven't even been to the beach yet this year! And still no plans for my vacation which starts tomorrow afternoon. Tho i've already had us to Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon and the Outer Banks in NC. When i found out it was 110 in Vegas and possibly Arizona too, not to mention the cost of the trip - i reconsidered. Then the 14 hr. drive to NC started weighing me down and the threat of more crazy weather in the East. So coming full circle in true RDL fashion we were back to our backyard- well the Cape - just a bit down the road a piece. Then came the brainstorm to finally get the wood floors refinished that are badly in need of it. I actually found a place that would rent to dog owners - it looked like a cute little beachy apt. over the garage in Wellfleet - a beautiful part of the Cape. The boys prefer mid cape and the resort place with pools and things to actually do. Just when we had settled on that plan, my dog got hit by a car(UPS truck) today! he's ok(scrapes) but suddenly the plan started unraveling. My brother-in-law finally got in touch and won't be available to dog sit the whole week. The weather appears to be continuing on it's non-summer like course so i am not disappointed at all that the plan fell thru. why pay $$ to stay at a place not as nice as mine(albeit the pool/resort atmosphere) in bad weather. So day/wkend trips it'll be then. Anybody got a place to rent?


Sky said...

omg! i am glad to hear the pup is ok. very scary.

good luck on the vacation. so many places i want to go on your coast...wanted to spend more time in the newport area and much more time in canada. never did get up to newfoundland. and i love the northern maine coastline. i, too, stay away from those horribly high temps. no fun for me.

as soon as i fully recover we are hoping to take a trip. i am ready for some great relaxation and a new environment for a few days.

Lorna said...

I don,t know how I missed this---I think a smart leader knows when to abandon the plan. Enjoy your time at home. I hear that's called a "staycation" now. Too cute.

Amias said...

I had to look at the date on this .. it's six days old, so I guess you have resolved the issue and on you way.

By the way, send some rain my way, sure could use more. I prefer it over the heat.

Oh .. thanks for caring. I had knee and hand surgery, and it's still painful, but I can function. Robert had eye surgery --- they saved his sight once again .. thank goodness.

rdl said...

sky-the pups fine-one lucky doggy.
lorna- no staycation for this girl, glad we got away actually.
Amias - so glad to hear you are on the mend!

S L Cunningham said...

With the non-summer like temperatures experienced in New England this summer, I can understand why you feel the need to get away. My mother, who lives in Morrill, Me, says she hasn't been able to do anything with gardening this year. "It won't stop raining, and never gets out of the 60's. Here in Houston, we have the opposite extreme: excessive heat and very little rain. Hope you find somewhere nice to enjoy time away with your family.

Panaderos said...

I'm glad to know your dog's ok.

Yes, this has been a non-summer. It sucks big time. I had a tornado watch in my area a couple of days ago and the wind and rain downed a lot of trees.

Anyway, I hope you and the family are all doing well. Take good care of yourself and I hope to see you back into blogging real soon.