Edward Kennedy


I found it sad today when i saw that
Ted Kennedy had died. Hopefully this will not be bad news for the upcoming Health Care Reform vote. I'm hoping that Gov. Duval will be able to appoint an interim Democrat at this most crucial time in history and that with a little bit of luck and maybe even a miracle we can get this thing done.


jacob williams said...

Its so sad that he had to die..

Amias said...

He lived a long and fruitful life, based on his lifestyle.

I have a lot of respect for the work the Kennedy family did for the poor and disenfranchised ---.

Hope someone with a heart replace him.

Sky said...

oh, i am so sad, too. i wanted him to live long enough to see the health care bill passed.

joel gonzalez said...

now its up to us..

bblackvt said...

…like we’ve all been saying, it’s not a good proposition. Look at Canada and all other countries that have this type of health reform…it’s not beneficial to folks who truly need good and quick health attention.