we've got a little problem...


So, I've been avoiding this, not wanting to think about it, but last week I decided to glance at site meter (something that i used to do quite regularly - when i was obsessed with how many and who came here; then i guess i lost interest, didn't care, knew my small following and was satisfied/happy with them- you!

So there i was perusing who'd been on my site when i notice - someone from my town on for 78 mins. !! and it dawned on me, i'm blocked (my computer up here in den/computer room) - it must be my son - on the laptop downstairs! OMG!! what has he read that he shouldn't have?? my tasteless jokes? my rants and raves, my secrets!

so the next day i calmly called him in here and asked him, "so how did you like my blog?"

He knew he was caught and asked how i knew. I explained bout the sitemeter thing. Then i told him that it was like reading my diary. he said, i let you read my facebook. and i said, yea onece and then you blocked me.

i told him it was an invasion of privacy and i told him not to do it anymore.
So am i to believe that he won't? out of respect? out of knowing he'll get caught? or will he figure out a way around it?

and what do i do now? start one of those private, have to sign in blogs? be careful about what i post? which seems to defeat the purpose.

so what do i do??


Sky said...

oh, the trials of parenthood. sometimes i wish i had kids and other times i know why i don't! ;))

gosh, i have no suggestions. i will gladly sign in if you choose that remedy. you can always create a new blog and email us all the link! but if he investigates your own computer he can easily find out all the places you visit and will eventually find a new blog address there, too. if he really wants to find you, he will.

one thing's for sure. he will know even more than he did before he read here how much you adore him. i learned about that right here on this blog! he is one loved young man.

you know, you can identify some posts as "private" on live journal, i hear. wonder if we can identify some of ours here as private, too? if so, you could blog most of your posts normally, but if it is a personal one you could mark them private and only "friends" can see those. we should check to see if that is possible here. if not, we should suggest it.

hope you are holding up well in the storm. thought a bunch about you and patry and sent good wishes your way.

Lee said...

I'm happy if anyone reads my blog.

Noelle said...

You could write about sex. That would stop anyone from reading their mother's blog.

Also, are you sure that the site times might not be from someone who opened a tab with your blog and then didn't get around to reading for a while? I do that sometimes.

Amias (ljm and liquidplastic) said...

Put it on private ... because he will not stop, kids are like that. They want to know what the parent are thinking and they like to know your secrets...

I don't care if my kids read minds, because I talk about how bad they treat me.

You know my email address ..

rdl said...

thanks sky, maybe i should look into that live journal then. or just add a "private" blogger blog?

lee i know what you mean, but your kids are all grown and you don't seem to have any secrets (that i know about anyway)

Noelle, I'm not going there, wouldn't if i could.

Amias: i might need some help with this, thanks.

JanuskieZ said...

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Sky said...

yes. if you post here that you have posted in the private blog, believe me, we will all fly right over and read! you just need to open a new one and password it and when you want to put a post there, tell us all here. that will work just fine.

Lee said...

If I told you, they wouldn't be secrets, would they? There is something about blogging that encourages people to reveal things to the whole world that they would tell a stranger on a bus.

Lorna said...

I'm sorry I missed this when you were concerned about it. Here's my take: 1. consider your son a reader and act accordingly or 2. explain why you'd rather he not read your blog and let him know that you'd be able to tell if he did. or 3. post all his nude baby pictures.

My kids sometimes read my posts but they're older---I'm not sure what my blog would look like if I had started writing when they were still at home.

Don't give up though---too many people, me included, would really miss you

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

hmmmm 78 minutes, looks like he found it interesting.
Open to invited readers only?