I've been watching all day. I turned it on as soon as i woke, got up and hurried to make coffee. I watched the ceremony and was moved to tears by Teddy Jr's. eloquent speech and by Patrick's too- wearing his heart on his sleeve. And President Obama's speech was wonderful of course, as well. But I especially loved whe the grandkids got up to speak (quoting him) and continuing his cause for healthcare reform.

I did not know that the funeral would be televised too. And here i sit again.

So, so very sad. an end of an era.

It was almost hard listening to his letter to the pope as the sky grew dark with just the occasional lightening flash lighting up the sky - as if orchestrated. It was so dark all you could see were shadowy figures. And at the end when the grandchildren went to the casket to say they're goodbyes, someone had set up lights. I would have preferred for it to just end in the dark they way it was; it seemed unnecessary to illuminate those final moments.


NoVA Dad said...

Hey there - my sister and I did a long Kennedy post on our "Two Rhodes Diverged" blog - you might enjoy reading that.

Amias said...

I thought it was a wonderful send off .. I didn't get a chance to watch it all, but my daughter recorded it and she will give me a copy.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I think it is a drag that everything's a photo op. When I saw the picture in the paper of the kid crying with a spotlight in him, I thought how orchestrated. :(