HAITI Emergency Relief Needed:

Please help/open your hearts/open your pockets.
This are just 3 that i saw listed on TV this moring. I did the first 2. If anyone knows of any others, please feel free to leave in comments.

The Redcross
Save the Children


Lorna said...

done, at your command. Posted my Photohunter too

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Mary Sheehan Winn said...

uh oh, spam here :(

Okay, we donated to Saint Rock which is a group of doctors, that my Doctor and his wife, Jocelyn (my Nurse Practioner Doctor) belong to.
I was in some panic about the earthquake when I remembered that Jocelyn was there with her daughter and her niece and left the Friday before the earthquake. I called their office with much anxiety, not knowing what answer I would get regarding her whereabouts and was so relieved to hear that she had just missed being there at the time it happened.
Thank God she was not harmed, but so sad to see the incredible numbers of dead and missing.