It's a love/hate relationship. I love my new IMac but i hate it too. I'm not comfortable - kind of like a new boyfriend. It's exciting but i miss all the old places i went with the old boyfriend.

But really, i feel like i don't know what the hell i'm doing - it's frustrating! and i'm not sure where anything is, how to do anything; not to mention what i've probably lost!!
On a positive note- i'm damn glad i'm at the end of the exhaustive search process. When the computer crashed and burned(got a virus/couldn't go online) on Jan. 15th. i spent the next wk. researching and shopping at Best Buy (i'm on a first name basis with some of those guys), Office Max (poor guy, i said i'd be back) and well at the Apple store i burned thru 3 guys there and had a mini meltdown the day i went to buy it. When i finally went to buy it - more decisions: IWork or Office, then whether to buy the "One to One ($100) for "private lessons" basically. I told the 1st guy that i probably never would use it, damn i've never joined a gym cause i know i'd never go. it's all i can do to get to work, keep my house from being condemned, drive my kid all over, etc. you get my drift, can't even do what i'm supposed to. well the 1st guy told me if my computer couldn't go online, they probably couldn't get my info. then when i went to buy it , the next guy told me well maybe they could and if they couldn't then they could get my info off the external hard drive. well at checkout someone overheard this conversation and said not they couldn't (after i bought the "one to one" mind you.)
oh i skipped the part when i had to decide between IWorks(pages) and Office (Word); after being told Works for $50 was all u needed vs. Office for $150; tho no one could really show me or offer any answers to my questions.
So, i get home that nite and proceed to go on my old computer, determined to save everything to the external hard drive and transfer it myself.
Well, lo & behold i started rooting around in Task Mgr. help menu and found all this info on Diagnostics and Restoring your computer from an earlier date and there was that dog with the waggin tail and Dr. ?? anyway where was all this stuff when i was trying to reboot. To make a very long story slightly shorter, i managed to restore, the desktop icons and the Start menu was back. I was very proud of myself and at 3AM went to bed.
So i decided the next morning (SA)to take the old computer and the new & have them do the transfer. I was tired of the whole thing and since i already purchased it.
So Sun. i grab a coffee and arrive back at the Apple Store (5th day in a row) to "Meet my new Mac". At the end of the presentation when i go to find my files is when i discover that my "writing" files have not been moved, but my sons- some of his 5th grade homework!!
ok i tell the guys, no big deal , i have it saved on the external drive at home. So i get home and my son & I set up and then transfer, well the external drive gets unplugged, knocked over in the middle, tho luckily I do transfer a "writing" file, before discovering that that drive is evidently dead too.
Did i tell u about how i almost cried? at the story when i was buying it, my eyes welled up, i asked for water, i couldn't take anymore?
Anyway next day off i'm setting up the old computer and i'm going to find those old files, damn it! and someday i'm going to love this new computer.

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Lorna said...

Who ever told you it would be easy? I liked the boyfriend analogy, but I'm not monogamous, so I could probably get by using both.

rdl said...

Lorna, another thing we have in common. :D

ipanema said...

good for u...throw it to me if u decide to discard ur iMac...hahaha :)

Sky said...

so sorry we are not close by so we could help!

one day soon i will get hubby to install windows 7 as soon as all my files are backed up. i hate having to stay current with technology - too many changes required too often. i am a girl who likes to maintain the status quo but i have been unhappy with vista and am ready for the new OS which hubby loves. we have 1 PC and 3 laptops to keep updated - so it is always something happening here.

good luck. will be sending lots of positive thoughts and energy into the universe for you.