I've been cheating here lately and just posting old drafts, so here is another one since I am too lazy to finish my vaca post with pictures. But I really don't like the fact that they are not in real time or do not reflect what I am currently thinking about. I am going to try and post not draft in the future. I will have to duke it out with the editor of course.

Jeanette shared her birth story awhile back so I am copycat blogging. I too had an epidurial but I knew I wanted one before I stepped through the door of the hospital. I almost said Epidural when they asked me my name. I have a very low pain threshold ; I never even tolerated menstual cramps very well. My water broke 1st thing before any contractions ;because I was a high risk pregnancy and lived an hr. away from the hospital, we were told to come right in. We were told that we could go to the cafeteria ( but just have a drink or jello). I realized right away that wasn't a good idea. I wanted my room and my bed and I wanted it now. I didn't want to be whimpering and cryin out in the hallways. But getting into my room didn't improve things all that measurably until I got "The Epidural". I was so glad to be pain free that I almost sent my husband out for some bubbly. I had brought music tapes but we never got as far as the mood music. They were now instructing me on pushing this baby out. Only problem was I felt like I was pushing with my shoulders cause I couldn't feel a damn thing below my waist(below my neck, actually). Push what?! So there was the crown of his head and we were not going anywhere. So next thing I knew they're turning the epidural off and I am now in stage 4 or something and the pain is unbelievable. And breathe, forget that, I'm hyperventilating at this point. And my nice nurse had gone off duty and this bitch from hell was not happy with me one bit. I wanted to rip her head off if she told me one more time that I was wasting energy crying/screaming. So there is still no progress and now its been 24 hrs and they are starting to get worried(actually I just think the dr. wanted to go home, cause he went from nice to mean). So now we are moving from the birth/delivery room to a operating room ( just in case they have to do an emergency c-sec.) But first they are trying forceps. Things are getting scary now. So back on goes the Epidural and on the 2nd try they get him out. I am a shaking blubbering mess when they hand me the baby. I will spare you the details on my not an episiotomy.Well I am tired just from reading this, I can't believe I ever actually did it.


Musing said...

I know it wasn't fun when you went thru it, but I had a good chuckle while reading your story. :-)