just one more load of laundry..


..fore I die ( sounds like a Bob Dylan song.) It's times like these I don't like being a mother.... when I'm sick I don't want to be the mom. I just want to crawl in bed and pull the covers over my head. I wish for the single days when at least if you felt like crap you could just read magazines to take your mind off of how bad you feel. But no matter how bad you feel, (and i felt bad today- let's put it this way if someone would've offered to remove my arm I would've let them), you still have to make dinner or in this case drive to baseball(the driving is the easy part, the hard part is standing around talking to the other parents).
I had another corisone injection in my shoulder and also one in my elbow -that one hurt like hell. Then my arm felt about 100 times worse and I thought,"what the hell did I do that for?" but thankfully it was better the next day. Now I am just praying that it doesn't wear off in 6 wks like last time.( This arm thing has been going on since April). Anyone out there with a nice recovery story from bursitis in the shoulder and tendonitis in the elbow, that will give me some hope?


Patry Francis said...

Is it any better?

rdl said...

Yes it is. I'm just afraid of when it wears off in 6 wks. since I'm not doing the physical therapy or taking it easy(what's that?). Maybe the shoulder fairy will make it all better.

dog1net said...

Hope that you are feeling better. I had a few "just one more load of laundry" days as a single parent when I woke up feeling both sick and bummed. But somehow my son was perceptive to how I was feeling. One time when he was four years old, I woke with the flu. He told me to go back to bed and that he would clean the house. And he did a fairly good job with sweeping the kitchen floor and picking up his room, but what baffled me was when I noticed he just about used a whole bottle of Dawn dish soap to wash the dishes. When I asked about it, he said he had to work extra hard in washing the dishes because of the food that had dried and stuck to them from sitting out overnight. I was just too tired from the night before and so I had left them out.
Since he did such a great job in getting the dishes really clean, I thanked him for taking on a really big job and doing a great job. As his reward we went to Pizza Hut that night. Thanks for your comment to my post.

dog1net said...
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rdl said...

Scot, kids do amazing things don't they. My son, is always telling me ," Go lie down and take a nap Mom". Thanks for the kind thoughts.