The killer bees


The birthday queen was a tad disappointed with her birthday yesterday. I was attacked by a swarm of yellowjackets( man I was right being deathly afraid of bees all my life - did a great job avoiding them til last year when i was stung for the first time) They actually reduced me to a crying blubbering mess that had to be consoled and administered to by my sweet wonderful 11 yr. old boy(he got the ice pack for me). Almost didn't go out to dinner because the 2 Benadryl i took to bring the swelling down almost brought me down.
Then it was like suppose you have a party and no one came. I didn't think anyone read my post but then i found out that 2 old friends did- they just didn't comment. Well there's always next year.
It was just brought to my attention that Madonna, a famous Leo with whom I share a birthday, fell off her horse yesterday and broke her arm. Makes you believe in astrology.


Patry Francis said...

I didn't know Madonna shared your birthday...that explains everything!

rdl said...

Very funny! Why, I don't wear pointy bras.