sleep deprivation


Every morning when i drag myself from bed and into work, i swear that i'm going to go to bed as soon as i get home. Then i get home and i muster up enough energy to get a few things done. Then it's usually time to drive my son to the sport practice of the season. And then it's the worse time of day... dinner time. Once that dilemma is solved, i usually get my second wind and start sweeping the floors, wish i oddly find therapeutic and which i usually do on a daily basis (with a cat and a dog). Then when everyone else goes to bed and i have the place to myself it is far too tempting to stay up. So that is why i am chronically sleep deprived. For some reason i just don't like to go to bed. Anyone else have this problem?


Patry Francis said...

Only your friend.

rdl said...

I guess they would say we like to burn the candle at both ends.