ADD posting


(This is a draft from Nov. 5th., i just couldn't delete it, i'm going thru my drafts folder one by one and deleting or posting or saving)

I just realized that I write like I do everything and maybe this is the problem. Do I have ADD? I tend to jump from one thing to another, be it housecleaning, yardwork, and now even writing. I start a post, get an idea for another, just don't want to finish the one I'm working on it seems; jump from one to another. I know i've written about this before in terms of my housekeeping ability or should i say disability. And I always thought that maybe it was just because housekeeping is just so boring, mundane. but writing is fluid, different, thought provoking. So then it must just be a flaw of mine. No stickwithitness, when the blogging gets tough the blogger goes surfing. Also the problem with all these drafts is that they're not in real time and may not reflect what's going on now.


DesLily said...

I learned during a 2 year stretch of writing a story... as soon as an idea hit me i jotted it (just a few words to remind me of the thought) down on a pad I keep nearby or in txt pad on the computer where i would name it and keep it on the desktop so it was in front of my face alot. If i don't jot it down i wind up going crazy thinking "it was so good what was it i thought about?" grrrrrrr lol..
sometime you think the new thought is better then the one you are doing.. not always so.

Something else i learned and remembered all these years. When I would sketch and part way thru it looked awful.. I was taught to finish it anyway.. wound up some of them weren't as bad as I thought. And mistakes I made no one really knew were mistakes but me.

But if you really do fear that you may have ADD you should check it out. I would think that if you never thought you had it before, most likely you don't. And if you do.. there's help for it.

rdl said...

deslily, i like what you have to say about this; it's just that i get so many ideas/thoughts that sometimes i think i should just work on one, finish it. I don't really think I have ADD ??? but i do have a history of never finishing things.

Mary said...

Rdl, I sympathise. I'm the same. I thought of about 6 different things topics just this morning. Quite mad! I just take deep breaths and somehow what I really want to blog about rises to the surface ...;

FTS said...

I have a working journal where I keep snippets of half-finished entries and ideas. They don't all make it to becoming full-fledged posts, but they're there in case I am find sudden inspiration to finish them.

Patry Francis said...

You post much more frequently and consistently than a lot of people (including me) and you keep back up ideas on file. Doesn't sound like ADD to me.

Jona said...

I think it's the hallmark a busy person! At least, that's my excuse for my mind wanderings ;o)

Thanks for visiting me, I'm calmer today :o)