Your opinion counts


Something I've been mulling over for awhile. Should've put this up for Valentines Day.

Do you think:
a) opposites attract?
b) birds of a feather are better?
c) or is this really just G-d's little joke watching men and woman trying to get along

And which combination is better for a marraige or long-term relationship
a) opposites
b) birds of a feather
c) none of the above or other?


Jessie said...

In my best relationship, we were much alike in lifestyle issues (toothpaste cap, what's-for-dinner kinds of things). On decision-making, though, we sometimes came from astoundingly different places. As each of us learned to relinquish a little control, we both discovered that different doesn't always mean wrong. Sometimes it's actually surprisingly better. I guess that's a vote for... d) the combo plate.

Jona said...

My BH and I are total opposites, but after eighteen years together, I can say it works! (Our standing joke is, the only thing we have in common are the kids.)

But at the same time, I've never dated a man who had the same interests as me anyway, in fact only ever met three and all after I met the BH (so didn't get to try dating any ;o)) thus my opion isn't balanced.

(I hope the responses are even, or I might feel like I'm missing out, LOL!!)

FTS said...

I think commonalities have to be stronger than polar opposites, with the exception being in personalities.

I am curious, though, why you don't spell out God.

rdl said...

so we have 1(a) and 1 (d) tho i'm not sure i had a d on there but that could be a c ( not of the above or other). And Fts I'm not sure what your vote is? 1st you say (b) but with the exception of personality which would be (a) then?? i guess i will have to give that a c unless you wish to verify further. as for why i don't spell out G-d, i'm not sure but I think i learned not to for some reason when i was a kid; bur i don't know where as I didn't have any formal religious training.

Amishlaw said...

I think it is all of the above on both questions. Opposites do attract and birds of a feather do flock together. As to which is better for marriage or a long term relationship, I think we all know of instances where both have worked and not worked. So, my answer is a big wishy-washy, "it depends."