restaurant characters


( found just a few sentences in a saved draft from 4/06 - had fun morphing it out. will have to revisit this with some classic customers, co-workers and more bosses.)

First there are the owners/managers/higher ups:

At my first waitressing job in Vt. I learned how to make drinks because there was never a bartender on at lunchtime and the owner told me to just come find her but she was always outside doing something with the plants. Instead I would just get the red Mr. Boston bartending guide out and make them myself. My first Manhattan i shook instead of stirred.

At this other place up in Vt. there was a really mean chef who would just let you grab a hot plate and not say a word. I really hated him.

Eddie -chef at a big hotel with singing waiter & waitresses (not me)- he had a German accent, I can't believe i can remember his name - i guess he left quite an immpression on me. He was large (fat) with dark hair and a mustache and called me "The black widow". He was mean. My Irish friend, Angela, got me this job. Never knew whether to thank her or cuss her.

Chef/owner at seafood shanty on Martha's Vineyard was always yelling at us for eating food off the dirty plates! give me a break!! if we've lowered ourselves to eat people's leftovers just leave us the hell alone.

Then there was Bobby, the owner of the bar in Northampton, MA. who lived upstairs and would come down at closing time and yell: Hotel/motel time - don't wake up with a lizard and "You don't have to go home but you can't stay here." - those words are forever etched in my mind.


Sky said...

thanks for the little window into your life. the details should be interesting so i will look forward to more. :)

Noelle said...

I once told my boyfriend, "you don't have to go home, but you can't stay here." It was after our third date. Somehow, we managed to have a fourth date, but three and a half years later he still won't let me live it down.

ipanema said...

What a recollection. They sure are characters one way or another. :)

Patry Francis said...

Ah, memories.