Blues Meme


R. Laban

my dark blue eyes
my father's light blue eyes
my sons smiling blue eyes
the beloved sea breaking on the beach
clear blue skies up above
my blue & white dishes
my favorite jeans
my old jean jacket
navy blue pea coat
blueberries with light cream and sugar
some of my favorite music and musicians
billie holiday, john lee hooker, bb king
purple blue iris' growing in my back yard
blue green plants in the front yard
soothing blue green walls in my kitchen.

I didn't know what the date was all day til now- when i realized that tomorrow is my father's birthday - he died 2 yrs ago. He was in the back of my mind all day, i just didn't know why.


ipanema said...

That's a beautiful one rdl! Oh, he always has ways of reminding you huh? Our loved ones do.

Miss Cellania said...

Nice poem! My father's eyes were stunning blue, My favorite color is blue, but my eyes are green.

Otherwise, I resemble my father a lot.

Moof said...

My condolences, RDL. We never quite get over losing someone who's that close.

The poem is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for sharing it with us.

Patry Francis said...

Your dad was in the blue today. All around you. xox

rdl said...

Thanks guys. I didn't set out to write a poem but i guess it kinda turned out like one. This was one of those memes i found somewhere in blogland last year.
And yes i guess he kinda was all around me - in the blue.

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

I have my father's eyes.