Aren't nightmares the worst. Had possible the worst that I've ever had last nite. I woke around 4 AM and couldn't sleep and came into the den and went on the computer and checked email for a minute, then lay on the futon to read but my eye was doing this weird thing, probably a ophthalmic migraine but it was right in the center instead of in the periphery where i've had them before, so since it was interfering with reading, i closed my eyes for awhile, then turned off the lights to go to sleep. Before long i was in the middle of a terrifying nightmare, I was dreaming that i was having a stroke or something and I was trying to wake myself up but i couldnt'. It was terrifying. when i finally did and was able to move i got up but then realized that i was still dreaming. there was no one in my house. This happend over and over. I tried calling my husband but he wasn't there and neither was my son. Then other people would pop in, no one that i knew, especially since they had very distorted/disturbing faces.
I was really relieved when i finally woke up.


ipanema said...

I hope this doesn't happen often. Sometimes I don't know if I even dream. Getting old. :)

NoVA Dad said...

I don't have nightmares often, thankfully. The worst I ever had was when I was 12 or 13, if I remember correctly -- I dreamed that I was watching members of a group kill others that are in a room with me, and the entire time I knew that they would be coming for me eventually. I was horribly shaken when I woke up, and it was a weird dream to have at that age.

Lorna said...

what an awful dream---you must have felt so helpless!

Mary Sheehan Winn said...

Awful. I think you were worried about the eye migraine, which is a scary thing.
I have an active dream life and sometimes I wonder where they come from. My Husband rarely dreams.