Ok, why do we bloggers blog?
1) Because it's fun ( when it's not agonizing - what to post, is this good enough= is this just crap and i'm making a complete fool(a-s) of myself?
2) It's our creative outlet ( for those of us who don't quilt, etc).
3) It's our place to vent.
4) We don't get out enough. Maybe we should just go down to the neighborhood bar, pull up a stool and talk to the poor soul sitting next to us.
5) Site meter (how many love that feature? - like seeing where all those nice folks that stop by hail from and how many have stopped by (love to break records - even if they're just my own). And love when they've stopped by for a long time - like 15 min.or more! with multiple page views. site meter junky
6)or the #1 reason, maybe, being #1 on a google search, or even in the top 10! Just saw that I was number one today on a search and did get a charge out of it.
So do tell....


MB said...

#2 is the major one for me. Sitemeter is fun, it's true.

Matt said...

I like the entire list, although 1 and 2 are my favorites. I tend to be long winded and chatty, so if I opted to go to the bar I'd talk long enough for everyone else to leave -- and STILL be there to chat.

And, since you came up as number one on Google (bravo!), you are now linked to my site -- it's nice having a "Number 1" associated with my blog!

- Matt

Jona said...

All your reasons sound good to me, but I couldn't think of a-one on my own ;o)

Lorna said...

I blog because I am.

And to keep myself from being other than I am, I have no meters.

rdl said...

matt - you might want to reconsider , it was for wake up joke and was for one of my Joke Friday jokes - nothing great mind you. I just checked google and i can't even find it now. :( but Thanks for the link - will return the favor when I'm brave enof to go in the template again.

Mary said...

All the reasons you have given ...

The Curmudgeon said...

"Maybe we should just go down to the neighborhood bar, pull up a stool and talk to the poor soul sitting next to us."

Of course, this is expensive -- and sometimes painful, if the person on the next barstool does not truly appreciate the beauty and depth of your soul. Or just wants to be left alone.

Thanks for stopping by my site recently. Come back again.